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Welcome to Tsudoishigami Academy! Here, you will better yourself and each other! Enjoy your stay!
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 Huzzah! Welcome to the Blazing Ensei Dorm!

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PostSubject: Huzzah! Welcome to the Blazing Ensei Dorm!   Sun Jun 23, 2013 1:28 am

Greetings, fellow Ensei, and welcome to our dorm! I am Nathaniel, co-founder of this site and head of this dorm! You are here for one of seven reasons: You have a pretty good deck, you got lucky, you got preferential treatment from your tester, or a combination of any and/or all of those! Regardless of the means of entry, I wish you all luck and good fun in your duels, and a good time in both this dorm and this academy.
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Huzzah! Welcome to the Blazing Ensei Dorm!
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